TEARS OF HOPE      (The Story of Hope) Chapter 1

tyHope, a native of Isiala Ibeme in Abia State, Nigeria. Tall and dark in complexion; born on 14th July, 1994; She is from a family of ten: nine girls and a boy, lived with her parent in the village. Her father’s name is Peter and her mother’s name is favour. Her father is a farmer, he works on people’s farm and get paid. Her mother is a petty trader (she sells food stuff) in the market. Her parent where very poor that they can only provide for their feeding and clothing, they could not go to school.

But something happened to her father one day where he went for a village meeting with his friends on the process; he had a misunderstanding with one of the villager in the meeting. The only word that lead to her going to school at the age of three year was the insult they gave her father in the meeting, he came back very sad and bitter of heart blaming himself for all the problem they have been facing because of the insult his friends rendered on him during the village meeting.

Few months later, her parents enrolled her into primary school. Throughout her primary school, She always take first or second position; she was very brilliant. Even though she did not go to school with all that is being required of her as a student.

Eight years later, Hope finished her primary school with a very good result, her parent and even her teacher was so proud of her.  Hope started secondary school at the age of 11 years. She was so brilliant and respectful, humble and intelligent in JSS1 first term. She was very happy to be in secondary school, she would go to school early in the morning and will be the last person to go home because all the teachers always use her either in helping them copy notes or one thing or the other.

One day, her father stop paying her school fees with  no reason, her mother started doing her best to help pay her school fees so that she can at least finish her junior secondary school even if she would not be able to finish her senior secondary school.

People helped to beg her father to pay her school fees so that she can finish her secondary school but all fall into deft ear and all effort made seem abortive.

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