Tears Of Hope – Chapter 3

tears of hope...

Hope had to stop going to the village to visit her people because of lack of money, at 15 years she started hawking on the street, She hawked many things like gala, pure water, groundnut etc. There she started earning a living, even at that, she never stopped reading, she kept doing well at school. Sometimes, she will stop school for a term to do sales girl and go back the next term.

After her secondary school, she left for Port Harcourt to stay with her friends at the age of 17 years, it was really hard for her to go back and stay in the village. Her friends were hawking their bodies, going from one man to another, but then she was still a virgin so innocent. She started hawking gala again in Port Harcourt. There was no good job to do.

It was as if her world has come to an end. Few months later she leave her friends to a place called waterline in Port Harcourt to do a house help work. To her greatest surprise, the work was not safe for her at all. Her madam beats her almost every day; sometimes her madam will heat her with kitchen knife. Hope had wounds all over her body, even till date the scars are still on her body. She stayed there for about six months but could not have anything to show. Her madam refused to pay her, demanding that Hope must stay for one year before payment.

But Hope could not bear it anymore she ran with her bags back to her friend’s house, but unfortunately nobody was home to open the door for her, she waited for them to come back.

She was very hungry and weak, she then decided to go out to look for something to eat, it was around 11:00pm in the night. She saw three boys following her, when she was out of people’s sight those boys came to her and told her to have sex with them, but she turned them down, the boys became angry, and took her to a nearby bush and raped her. She was deflowered at the age of 18 years. She was raped by three guys, after  two months she was raped again because of that she ran back to Aba, the place she stayed when she was growing up.


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