Tears Of Hope – Chapter Two


When it was time for Hope to take her Junior Secondary Examination, she traveled to her aunt’s place to ask for help. She stayed with her about four months. After the four months, she went back with the registration fee. She registered for her examination a day before the deadline. There, her problem started: The school she attended in the village did not have Senior Secondary so her elder brother, decided to sell one of their father’s land with the permission of their mother so that at least she would be able to finish her secondary school. After the selling of the land, her mother and her elder brother took her to a nearby village to register in a new school. After the registration, there was no place for Hope to stay; her mother rented a room for her outside the village to stay and complete her Secondary Education. Hope had to live alone at the age of 14 years. It was hard for her though, but she was happy because she is going to complete her secondary education. First term was really good same as second term, but in her third term the money she was given from the land got finished. Everything became so hard for her; she lived like a beggar, but in all she never give up on her dream.

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