Tears of Hope – Chapter 5



After some months of staying with her friend, her friend’s brother came back from Abuja and met her after hearing her story, knowing too well that she have no one to help her, he took her to Abuja to stay with him. Hope was so happy because he looked good, handsome and humble. Because of all his qualities, she could not think of what she has went through.  Hope was so happy to be favoured not knowing that she was digging her grave.

When they got to Abuja, they were both happy, he treated her like his younger sister, he gave her everything she ever wanted, he registered her on a private lesson and promised to send her to the university, he also registered her for jamb.  Infact, hope felt feel like the only girl in the world. There was so much joy in her than ever before. She was so happy and  faced her studies.

But something happened one day, he came back from work drunk, Hope ran towards him first, she sat him down, removed his shoe and shirt took his bag inside with the shoe and laid him down on the Sofa to feel relaxed and regained himself, she used cold water from the fridge and put it in a small bowel and put small towel inside to rub and massage his forehead. He felt better, stood up, saw her and drag her closer to himself, hugged her and started kissing her in the process he had sex with her; from that day he started having sex with her. He turned her into a sex machine, she got pregnant for him but he took her to abort the pregnancy. There she knew there is no future with him, she became a victim once again and  thought she was cursed or it was a spell. Hope became very useless, she begged him to let her go but he refused, in the morning before  he goes  to work he have sex with her when he comes back he  will also have sex with her, sometimes he will lock her up in the room not to let her outside, so that she will not run.


One day, as she was praying inside the room alone, she heard a voice that says,  “my child fear not for what you are facing  but believe in God for miracle,” the voice said again “remember problem and suffering is to send you to the appointed place of your destiny”, with that little voice  she heard, hope learnt to how to face life and difficulties. From the voice she believed she has hope, love, joy and a bright future. At first, she thought it was a conspiracy from the world against her, but from that day onward she became more stronger because one  American  Singer Kate Perry says “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

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