Tears Of Hope – Chapter 4


Hope met Madam Faith for her normal job as a full time hawker.

She hawked from morning till night, every week without rest.

In order to save some money for herself, she doesn’t eat what others eat; She eat only spoilt food from her neighbours almost everyday.

She became a topic of discussion in her street. She even became pregnant from the rape incident, with the help of her friend Glory she was able to get rid of the pregnancy. Hope thought her life has come to an end, she was admitted in the hospital for some weeks, after the abortion she continued hawking on the streets.

One day as she was returning home around 10pm in the night she was attacked by five guys who raped her almost to dead. She was there till morning, until a lady came and saw her laying helplessly, she took her and rushed her to the hospital for treatment. Hope regained consciousness few hours later, angry and sad. She cried and cried but crying could not solve anything for her. She stayed in the hospital for few days and the lady that brought her to the hospital helped her with the bills. All this while none of her family member knew what was going on.

Because of the sexual abuse she decided to change environment; she went to one of her friends who schooled in Port Harcourt, she stayed there for about two months without doing anything and she could not communicate with her family, meanwhile, they were all looking up to her as their heroine because she was the only child who was able to acquire formal education even though she was the last born. Everyone in the family looked up to her as their hope. Because of that she was not able to go back to the village until she make it in the city.



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