Tears of Hope – Chapter 6


Brothers and sisters out there be very careful the way your handle your problems and temptations of your life, they determine your future. Be extremely careful about your word towards your life because a scattered confession will experience a scattered future, only God has the solution; only him no other god except Him, He is the only solution. So look up to him and never curse yourself, remember without test there will no be no testimonies.


One day, the man sent hope to buy a recharge card for him, on the road she met a pastor, he called her and said to her: “my  child, God knows how bad your situation is. But He is using it to work out His purpose for your life; at the end you will take the blessings while God takes the glory”. Hope asked him one question that goes like this: “why is God silent to see me go through all these hardships?” The pastor answered and said: “any wind that will blow you to your destination can never be pleasant” and he added this word of advice to her saying “the worst tragedies are tragedies that one did not learned from it”. Hope thanked him and moved on to get the recharge card.

When she got home, she was filled with hope and strength, when the man she was staying with saw her, he was surprised to see her in good mood, he called her to his room and asked but Hope answered him saying: “God knows the best, so I have decided to put away  all my bitterness and live my life the way I see it”. The man continued having sex with her willingly or not willingly he didn’t care.

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