Tears of Hope – Chapter 7

One day Hope was threatened with the situation she could not know what to do or where to go. She felt helpless and hopeless in that condition.
She became grumpy and heartless to people around her.

She ran out of the house to a nearby hotel to stay there, she enrolled into prostitution at the of 20.
She did not have a phone, the man looked for her everywhere but could not find her, he was unable to get to village to tell his people about her disappearance so he tried to cover up in other to protect his interest.
Hope moved from one hotel to another, and from one club to another. Drinking alcohol and smoking became part of her lifestyle, she became very useless to herself and her life was shattered. Though she felt as if she was on top of the whole world.
She enjoyed everything she was doing; she sold her body- her womanhood, our pride and dignity as a woman to men in exchange for money.
She went into full time prostitution, what a worthless and hopeless life. Because of her stubbornness, pain, anger, humiliation, sorrow and frustration she lost many opportunities to become a better person in life.
Hope had sex with different men both old and young in exchange for money, she called it ‘trade by barter’.

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