Tears Of Hope – Chapter 10


Many things must go wrong when you are after your destiny but one thing you  have to know is not  what people think about you matters but what matters is what  you think about yourself. Never give up on God, never stop your dream. Don’t act out of ignorant and anger.

No matter how many times you been raped or how many times you have committed abortion, it is not the end of your life. But in all these, have a strong conviction, the name you answer is in the past  it does not matter, what matters most is what name do you want to answer in the future. Always bless yourself, say positive words to yourself and have the believe that one day God will see you through.


Nietzsche Fred rich, once said that which does not kill you makes you stronger.

My friends, kindness is goodness in the heart more often than declared in speech, nothing and no one is perfect but it just takes good eyes to find those hidden imperfections. Never underestimate people around you. But bear in mind that in this world: embarrassement, pain, frustration, agony, sufferings, sorrows, problems, temptation can lead one into doing what she does not want to do.


But in all my problems and tribulation never forget God. Your perseverance will lead you into passion, commitment into learning, focus to faithfulness, tolerance to trust, like  into love God did everything in his only time when it pleased him to do. God give me a perfect training to prepare me for a bigger success and promotion.  You cannot be a successful man without a story to tell, but in all Christ in you will be the hope of your victory, and you will become a conqueror in all, that is why I said our God is not a last comer he comes when things become unbearable, always be careful and never allow your problems to get the best of you in anything you are facing. Please do not allow humiliation and tribulation to lead you into doing what you do not want to do above all invite the joy of God, because when you are filled with the joy of the Lord, it will be your strength, with that joy you can climb mountain and tolerate insults, also forgive those who offend you, in all you will be patient in any kind of situation. With that joy you will attain a high life easily, humiliation can be managed. Life span would be extended and healthy life would be achieved.

My dear readers, anything you are facing in life invite the joy of the Lord, allow the joy to rule you do not allow pain, anger to rule your life, when you allow the joy of God in you, my dear you will become unstoppable in everything, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you Roman 8:10.

Every second of your life teach you how to live your life, get rid of every negative thought from you, don’t expect anything in life, expectation hurt but when you don’t expect anything every moment is a surprise and every surprise bring happiness and fulfillment, if you miss an opportunity don’t fill your eyes with tears it may hide yet another opportunity is lying in front of you. Be satisfied with life but  unsatisfied with the result you produce , that is the best way to keep growing and discover your hidden potential, life is a book, love is a blessing we all need it, always be happy, remember to announce your faith in a new season of increase. Keep pride aside. Do not be discouraged, be bold enough, boldness lead to success and remember that the antidote of our anger and worry is your purposeful action in the direction of your goals. Remember when you turn towards the sunshine the shadows fall behind you, learn from your mistakes. But the ability to learn from your mistakes and grow from it you will be able to fulfill your potential in life, the decisions you make in life determine your future. So be careful with your decision in life, no matter the condition you are, invite God to come and see you through.

Jeremiah 29:11, for I know the thought that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thought of peace and not of evil to give you and expected end. (Hebrew 13:8).

Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever.

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