Tears Of Hope – Chapter 9



Hope returned to the hotel to start all over again. Later she left Oshodi to Ajah and lodged in a small hotel to atleast change her looks, but it could not help, but because she was determined to change.


She worked towards her change; disciplined herself bit by bit.  She met one boy by name Sunday who accommodated her for six months even though he had sex with her but it was done with respect and care. Hope started working in a cake shop were she earned N10,000 per month. She also used that opportunity to learn how to bake cake. Hope opened  Saving Account in the bank where she saved her salaries. Luckily she got another job that was paying her more than the previous one, she now earn  N30,000 per month working in a bar. And she made sure her past and her mistake never repeat.

Few months later Hope met a very good man that helped her, he got an apartment for her to stay, she was invited her sisters to stay with her. She wrote jamb and passed, her sisters were able to enroll in adult lesson.

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